Highly Educated Male H-Adapter with 20mm Titanium Dish

by Highly Educated
$ 90.00

Adaptable Titanium E Nail  

E Nail inserts featuring an H-Adapter (14/18mm Male, 10mm Female) titanium body. Options included for 16mm diameter coils, 20mm diameter coils, and flat coils. Domeless Nails are the method of choice for enjoying cannabis concentrates with ease. The biggest benefit to using a domeless nail are that they eliminate the hassle of using a glass vapor dome on your piece while you dab. No more scrambling to slip the dome over your nail in time before it starts to lose it's heat.

Product Specs:

  • Joint Sex: Female and Male 
  • Joint Size: 14/18mm Male, 10mm Female 
  • Material: ASTM B348 Gr2 Titanium