Sugar Cube Bangers 14mm 90°

by Cube Bangers
$ 160.00
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Sugar Cube Bangers provide one of the smoothest smoking experiences when compared to cheaper glass, ceramic, or metal. Quartz bangers also help to keep the heat away from your pipe and face while in use. To use, heat the bucket and load your materials. Inhale and watch as it instantly vaporizers. These 100% Quartz Bangers make it easy to turn any 14mm glass joint into a domeless concentrate nail.

Quartz Banger Features:

  • 100% American Made quartz glass
  • Domeless concentrate nail
  • Clear Color
  • 90º angle
  • 25mm Sugar Bowl
  • SBC Sandblasted logo
  • Unique Cube Design 
  • 14mm Male or Female Joint Type